Get MORE with a fixed interest account

Open your fixed interest account with iFOREX to enjoy 3% interest on your account net value. Unlike other accounts, this exclusive offer allows you to benefit from guaranteed fixed interest, enabling you to earn interest on deposits between $1,000 and $150,000.

How does it work?

  • 1

    Open your account with a $1,000 deposit or more

  • 2

    Remain active on a monthly basis (e.g. deposit once a month)

  • 3

    Earn 3% interest on your account net value

  • 4

    Withdraw your funds quickly, whenever you choose

Why choose the iFOREX fixed interest account?

  • Receive interest on a monthly basis
  • Deposit via multiple currencies
  • Get your interest in USD
  • Request a withdraw anytime
  • Know your gains in advance
  • No fixed term

Various payments and tariffs*

3% fixed interest rate
Interest payment
Paid monthly
Charge for withdrawals
None on our side (Note: 3rd party fees may apply)
Overdraft fees
None. Our Negative Balance Protection prevents your account from going into minus

*The tariffs listed are for relevant, selected services. For our full list of tariffs, see our terms and conditions.

International USD rates

Kindly note: The listed rates apply to all types of trading accounts. Interest will be paid to ‘Eligible Clients’ according to their account net value, on the 5th of every following month.

* Conversion rates may apply.

Example: USD fixed interest account - 1 year
Deposit: Between $1,000 and $150,000


Gross rate