Benefit from personal training and resources

iFOREX provides its clients with all the trading tools and resources they need to enhance their skills, widen their knowledge and gain additional insight into global markets. Want to get started but not sure how to begin? Let’s review a few basic topics.

Tradable instruments

On the iFOREX platform, you can find over 800 tradable financial instruments. Some traders invest in the price of a single instrument, while others prefer to diversify their portfolio by investing in the price of many instruments simultaneously.

On our site, you can invest in the price of stocks of world leading brands such as Google, Xiaomi, Amazon and Daimler.

How to open your first deal

Want to open a deal on our trading platform? Simply…


Choose a financial instrument


Choose the deal size


Click on ‘Deal’

Learn, train, trade

The iFOREX Education Package allows you to enhance your trading skills, gain new market insights and learn about our trading platforms at your own pace. It doesn’t matter how experienced you are, our resources, training and guides can assist you in elevating your understanding to the next level.

Remember: By learning, training and continuing to collect market information, you will be able to make better informed trading decisions and to access new market opportunities as they appear.

Our Education Package includes:

  • Free 1-on-1 training with a trading coach

  • A $5,000 Demo Account for training

  • PDF trading guide

  • Video tutorials

  • Access to educational resources

Want to enjoy the full benefits of this exclusive package? Simply register to get started.