Trade on the go with our mobile platform

The world is going mobile and trading platforms are not staying behind. More and more people are shopping, learning and communicating through their smartphone, so it only makes sense that they will also want to trade through their mobile device. Our proprietary mobile trading platform was created by combining technological innovation and a user-friendly interface. It offers advanced trading tools and instant access to global markets.

The market never sleeps

The stock derivatives available on the iFOREX platform, as well as our hundreds of other financial instruments, operate in different time zones, and traders need to be able to access their account around the clock. The mobile trading platform is an ideal solution for traders who want to have better control over their funds and open deals, and it allows for better risk-management.

Quick reaction

What do you do if you’re at the office and learn about a dramatic market event? The mobile platform enables you to instantly react to news and announcements, open or close trades, change Stop Loss and Take Profit levels and take advantage of opportunities as they unfold.

Our mobile trading platform offers:

  • The ability to trade on the go

  • Constant access to over 800 financial instruments

  • Better control over your funds and risks

  • Quick reaction time to market events

  • Access to your wallet, balance, equity and margin

  • Exclusive features and trading tools

How do you get the free iFOREX App?

You can simply download it for free on the App Store or Google Play.